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Tow. Inspect. Service. Repair.

From towed to fixed, we'll treat you like family.

Maine State Auto / Light Truck / Motorcycle and FREE Safety Inspections

We include a FREE 37-point inspection with every service or repair.  We'll inspect your glass, lights & lenses, horn, wipers, HVAC system, seat belts, hoses, fluids, air filter, belts & tensioners, battery, brakes, brake lines, undercarriage, exhaust, axles, differential/transfer case, suspension, tires, and wheels.  We'll let you know what absolutely must be repaired now, what can wait a little bit, and of course what's looking good!  If anything needs repairing we'll give you a free estimate so you can decide what to do.


If your auto, light truck, or motorcycle needs a Maine State Inspection, we do those too, by appointment.


When we're doing our Inspection, you can rest assured that we won't take advantage of you. We won't tell you that your air filter needs to be replaced when it's fine, we won't tell you that your fluids need to be flushed when they don't, and we won't tell you that all your shocks are bad when they aren't. You can TRUST that we won't, because we've been in business since 1960 and we wouldn't still be here if we made a habit of taking advantage of our customers.

Computer Diagnostics

Do you have a dashboard warning light on? Those shouldn't be ignored! Let us check it out for you with our state of the art computerized diagnostic tools.

Regularly Scheduled Services

Oil changes, tire balancing/rotation, computerized wheel alignments, and more! Before we service your vehicle we'll perform a FREE 37-point Inspection. That's because we're on YOUR side... we want to make sure we catch problems early so we can save you money and time. Lots of things can happen to your car in the 2-4 months between oil changes, and the sooner you catch small problems, the better! Catching small problems early helps you avoid larger repair bills later on. And again, when we're doing our Inspection, you can rest assured that we won't take advantage of you. We wouldn't have been in business for 56 years if we made a habit of taking advantage of our customers.

Our Oil Change includes premium semi-synthetic or synthetic motor oil, a new oil filter, lube if required, and labor.


Appointments are required. If you can't leave your vehicle for the day you're welcome to wait in our newly redecorated waiting room, where we offer complimentary coffee and water, reading materials, and cable TV.

Computerized Wheel Alignments

Does your vehicle pull one way or the other while you're driving, or are you getting uneven tire wear? Chances are good that you need a wheel alignment. Let us take care of that for you so you can wait a little longer before you need to spend more money on tires!

Brake Inspection, Service, and Replacement

Few things are more unnerving than hurtling along at 70 mph and suddenly not being sure you can stop, or even having your vehicle swerve towards the other lane when you step on the brake.  We always recommend these items be serviced sooner rather than later to prevent breakdowns or costly additional repairs. For instance, if you don’t replace a brake pad when you should, it can wear down to its metal backing plate and damage a rotor that would have otherwise been good to go for many miles longer.

Wheels, Steering, and Suspension

Does your pickup's rear end go haywire when you drive too fast over bumps?  Does your car keep bouncing for a while after you hit a pot hole?  Do you hear a rubbing noise when turning, or a grinding noise while driving straight? Bring it in for an inspection and we'll let you know what your vehicle needs to keep your family safe. 

Electrical Diagnosis & Repair

Car won't start? Battery keeps dying? Turn signals don't work right even with new bulbs? Windows won't move or doors won't lock? You might have an issue with your electrical system. Never fear, we have the latest and greatest in computerized diagnostic tools, and our ASE Certified Master Technician will figure out what's going on and take care of it for you, so you don't have to worry about getting stranded somewhere.

Engine Repair & Replacement

Is your engine running rough?  Is your Check Engine light on?  There are a lot of potential causes.  It could be anything from a loose gas cap, to a bad O2 sensor, to a timing belt issue.  Don't guess, let us run a computer diagnostic test on your vehicle to determine the exact cause.  We'll repair it and get you back on the road as quick as we can.  Or if we determine that you need a new or rebuilt engine we'll help you decide whether it makes more sense to replace the engine or replace the vehicle.

Transmission Repair & Replacement

Is your transmission hesitating or skipping when it shifts gears?  Is it popping out of gear?  We'll figure out what's wrong, and if necessary we'll get your transmission rebuilt or replace it for you.

Fluid Film Rust Preventative Undercoating

The destructive force of corrosion is the single greatest threat to your vehicle. Consistent exposure to a wide range of elements such as sun, rain, wind and snow can lead to rapid deterioration of metal, not only resulting in poor appearance and loss of value, but hazardous safety issues as well. Road salt and debris also kick up and cling to vehicle underbodies, eating away at metal and electrical connections.


Fluid Film is manufactured using an intricate heating and blending process, which combines unrefined woolwax with selective polar agents and corrosion inhibitors, creating a unique, lanolin-based formulation that stops existing rust on contact. Penetrating on contact, it creates a fluid, self-healing barrier that is always active and will not chip or crack, protecting vehicle undercoating's and exposed metals for extended periods of time. Safe for use on all metals, it will stop pitting in chrome, will not harm most paints or plastic, and has exceptional lubricating properties, penetrating to stop squeaks and provide lasting lubricity for all moving parts. Electrically non conductive, Fluid Film has a high flash point and a thin, flexible composition, making it a perfect protectant for battery terminals and electrical connections in addition to the undercarriage of your vehicle.

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Protect your vehicle in Maine's harsh climate:
  • Get your oil changed every 3,000 miles or 3 months

  • Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule

  • Have us regularly inspect "wear items" such as tires, belts, brake pads/shoes, and suspension components

  • Perform seasonal maintenance inspections

  • Wash your vehicle regularly, including the undercarriage, year-round

  • Consider a rust-preventative undercoating such as Fluid Film

Our services include:
Maine State and FREE Safety Inspections
Computer Diagnostics
Regularly Scheduled Services
Wheel Alignments
Brake Inspection, Service, and Replacement
Wheels, Steering, and Suspension
Electrical Diagnosis and Repair
Engine Repair and Replacement
Transmission Repair and Replacement
Fluid Film Rust Preventative Undercoating
Damage-Free Towing

To provide better customer service, and in response to years of customers' requests, we are once again offering towing services! Now, if your car won't start, or can't be driven for any other reason, you can call us and we'll come get it.  We'll even tow it somewhere else for you, it doesn't have to come back to our shop.


Do you have AAA, or insurance coverage for towing? No problem, just ask for us by name! We're back on board with AAA as of April 2017 but we're the backup for our area, so if you want us to tow your vehicle you'll need to ask for us by name. We're in the process of getting on board with the various insurance companies and independent tow clubs, so again, ask for us by name and we should be able to help you out.

Our rates are reasonable and we offer a discount to Pomeroy's Garage customers who have us perform the necessary repairs.  We will also offer a discount to other general auto repair and auto body shops who would like to partner with us for towing services, just give us a call for more information.

The WreckMaster certification program is the towing industry's first operator certification.  It was created in 1991 as a means of classifying the skill level of the towing and recovery operator. John Pomeroy, Owner/President, is trained as a WreckMaster Tow Operator Level 5 (out of 7), which means he has both the training and skills to safely load, tow, and unload your vehicle without further damaging it.  

From towed to fixed, we'll treat you and your vehicle like family.

Damage-Free Towing


Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, our staff are here to serve you. We are sanitizing each vehicle before and after the service/repair, and you can pay by phone without ever seeing our staff, if you like. We have encouraged our customers to drop their vehicle off for the day rather than waiting on the premesis, although those who still need to are welcome as long as physical distancing standards are maintained. We also leave a sanitizing wipe in each vehicle so that you can wipe everything down to your satisfaction when you pick up your vehicle. Please let us know if there are any other ways we can help improve your experience!

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