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Damage-Free Towing

Ask for us by name when you call your Roadside Assistance Club or Insurance Company.
From towed to fixed, we'll treat you like family.
** 24-Hour Towing Hotline (207) 285-2098 **
Damage-Free Towing

To provide better customer service, and in response to years of customers' requests, we are once again offering towing services! Now, if your car won't start, or can't be driven for any other reason, you can call us and we'll come get it.  We'll even tow it somewhere else for you, it doesn't have to come back to our shop.


Do you have insurance coverage for towing? Ask them if you can be reimbursed after the fact for using your tow operator of choice! 

Our rates are reasonable and we offer a discount to Pomeroy's Garage customers who have us perform the necessary repairs.  We will also offer a discount to other general auto repair and auto body shops who would like to partner with us for towing services, just give us a call for more information.

The WreckMaster certification program is the towing industry's first operator certification.  It was created in 1991 as a means of classifying the skill level of the towing and recovery operator. John Pomeroy, Owner/President, is trained as a WreckMaster Tow Operator Level 5, which means he has both the training and skills to safely load, tow, and unload your vehicle without further damaging it.  

From towed to fixed, we'll treat you and your vehicle like family.


Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, our staff are here to serve you. We are sanitizing each vehicle before and after the service/repair, and you can pay by phone without ever seeing our staff, if you like. We have encouraged our customers to drop their vehicle off for the day rather than waiting on the premesis, although those who still need to are welcome as long as physical distancing standards are maintained. We also leave a sanitizing wipe in each vehicle so that you can wipe everything down to your satisfaction when you pick up your vehicle. Please let us know if there are any other ways we can help improve your experience!

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